Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The girl who can't stop painting owls....

I keep painting owls. I just can't stop!!! 

Here is my entry for this year's Spiva Small Works Auction.
Remember last year's entry:

And I've started a circle journal with some friends. Angela. Jari. Jen. I've done the first two pages...but I also decorated the cover:
Close up!
This one might not quite be finished, but he is part of the collection. Retro owl....Inspired by Mati Rose.
Night owl.
Baby blue owl.
And Winston. One of my first owl paintings. This guy is really huge!! One of my favorite owls ever.

I am only motivated to paint occasionally...and I know I will never be Monet, Picasso, Cassat, Frida or any of those great, dead artists who would NEVER appreciate my work...but I think...Eric Carle would like it...and that is okay with me.

So I just keep painting owls.

Because I think it is important for an art teacher to make art. And show it.

So I had a show this weekend at a local art walk. And one of my (4th grade!!!) students also had art on display there also.


Kate said...

I love your pictures! So cool.

I wish I had any snippit of artistic talent. There are things floating around my head that could only be expressed in a painting, and anything I did wouldn't come close to showing what I meant it to.

Your comment about the importance of an art teacher making and showing art reminds me of something my son's choir teacher said. One of the assignments for the kids was to compose a piece of music, and she did the same thing and then had the choir perform it. She said that she thought that, if we're expecting the kids to put themselves out there, we should expect no less from ourselves.

Vera said...

they look great! owls are soo adorable :)

Eleanor said...

These are wonderful! Great job! :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I hope you never stop painting owls!