Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Printing time.

I've been working in the darkroom!!

Here is my very first 11X11 B&W photo from my Holga camera. This photo was taken on Freemont Street in Las Vegas in July.
Black and white negatives are so cool!!

I've printed several more they are...sitting out to dry. I'll show those soon!
My first test strip. The contrast looks great....super excited to print my first image!!

Mixing up the chemicals.
And here is my print in the stop bath.
Working in the darkroom is so relaxing. And there are so many things you can do to manipulate the pictures. More prints to come!!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh man, I miss this! In college, I took several photography classes and spent many happy hours in the dark room.

Ashley said...

Wow! That photo is gorgeous. I've never been in a darkroom before, so it was fun to "watch" you. :)

jared said...

you're so cute