Thursday, October 7, 2010

10 Things

1. At the mall a few weeks ago, an annoying kiosk worker slipped me a sample of hair serum. I read the instructions and decided to try it out. I am pleased to announce that the product worked like a miracle! My hair was so silky and smooth and it did not get greasy, as some products can do.

I went back to buy the serum and she convinced me that I was getting a great deal...two for, what a rip off. I just found the same stuff on Amazon for $9.95....Get your own, this stuff seriously rocks!

2. I love peanuts, candy corn and m&ms all mixed together this time of is my favorite snack.

3. A reader asked me to explain what a circle journal is (from this post.)....A circle journal is a journal that is passed between friends, each person creates new pages until it is finished. We each started a journal so that we can all constantly be working on one and then, we each have one to keep at the end of the cycle. The cycle could go on for a year, a couple of months, whatever...we each live in different states so we are planning to mail the journals every two weeks...hopefully that will work out for everyone!
4. I am done with clay for the semester. (Well, we still have to glaze.) My students LOVE working in clay and I am always so impressed with their skills...especially the 4th graders that know terms like score, slip, etc. Such a fun time of year...I will be doing another clay project in the winter/spring...My skin always gets ridiculously dry from the harsh texture of the clay and the fact that I have to wash my hands like 80 times a day.

5. My house got robbed yesterday! I came home to find broken glass under the backdoor, but nothing appeared to be missing....later, before bed, I noticed a blood smear on the wall and realized that some cash WAS missing...called the police...very bedroom was totally a crime scene!! It is so scary to not feel safe in my own home! Lesson learned: get a new back door, always set alarm.

6. I am headed off to the Knobnoster Art teacher's convention this weekend and I can't wait!! It is always a good time with the other teachers from around the state and I am always excited to get new lesson ideas. What does an art teacher do at an art teacher convention?

7. Hoodies, football, chilli, socks, leaves, ...fall is good!

8. Found the most amazing, free printable OWL CALENDAR! Via the crafty crow

9. Shows I am watching: Glee, House, Dexter, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, Teach: the Tony Danza Story, 30 Rock, The Office, Parenthood, Boardwalk Empire...and maybe a few more...but that is a lot of t.v. Are you watching any of these shows?

10. Really Cute toilet paper tube halloween characters, in case you are looking for a cheap, awesome craft for kids!!

I'm out, not sure when my next post will be....busy weekend!!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love your list. Clay definitely rocks. So many kids are kinesthetic learners but don't get the opportunity to use their hands in school. I watch many of the same shows as you: Glee, Parenthood, Modern Family, etc. Have a fun weekend.

Shutterbug Mama said...

thank you for explaining the circle journal...I think I'm going to "make" my friends do it!