Monday, September 7, 2009

Small Works

On Saturday the 5th--I was feeling super creative! It was a fantastic holiday weekend so I was inspired to get a lot of creative things done.

In my small town, there is but one art center. Spiva Center for the Arts is a gallery that has grown over the past few years and I just love the director Jo and many of the people affiliated with Spiva have become dear friends to me. As an active member on the Education Committee, I have felt especially connected to the art center lately.

For the past 3 years I have attempted to create a painting for the 'Small Works' membership show. And for 3 years, I have either never finished what I started...or I never turned it in. Well, this year I decided to make it happen. In fact, the polyurethane was still wet when I dropped it off just 15 minutes shy of the 5:00 deadline...but it was on my TO DO LIST so I made sure that it got done this year.

(It looks better in person, I snapped this photo really quick. It is a collage with acrylic paint!)

As part of my 'One Little Word' for the year, my goal is to inspire others to make art and express their creative side. So I painted this little owl. It will be auctioned off via silent auction over the next 6 weeks and the proceeds will go to the gallery. I hope that it goes to a great home!

A lot of really talented artists create artwork for this auction. You can view the past entries here. Check back on that link in a few weeks to bid on any of the 12X12 artworks created for this year's auction.


Jamie Harder said...

LOVE IT!!!! Congrats on getting it done and it is so fabulous!!!

Lisa Brown said...

So cute, Nellie! Love that wise owl!

Sarah said...

MY DD Allison thinks it rocks, and wanted to make sure I told you so in this comment.