Monday, October 4, 2010

Seriously? Seriously.

Last week I had a whole fun lesson planned...until my principal came to me and said, oh by the 12:15 the fire alarms will be going off continuously for about 15 might want to take your class out side...So that is exactly what we did. I rushed out during lunch to set up some props and threw a bunch of fun stuff in a box...

We spent time doing rubbings of the bricks using crayons and paper. We spent time doing a fun photo shoot inspired by Color Me Katie. (I cut out all the hearts and balloons and hung them up with foam tape really super quickly!)

It was a lovely day to spend outside...but everyone in the entire school was either having recess or doing p.e. behind us so it was hard to really 'teach'....I had to be creative and improvise.

And it was 'orange' day at one of my I was wearing a vintage wool dress/shirt....I was sweating profusely as I was quickly hanging up my props.

The photos below are just too adorable to keep for myself...I suggest a similar photo shoot...These kids are all in kindergarten and they just have the funniest little personalities. It would be really fun to do with older kids and let them make all the props!

After the photo shoot, I let them experiment with sidewalk chalk. Look at this gorgeous rainbow!

We went inside to clean up and I played a couple of games and then read a book....

Finally, we were about to line up (after a VERY BUSY 50 minutes)...and a girl looked up and asked, "When are we going to have art?"

Seriously??!!?! Seriously.


Maria Ontiveros said...

Gorgeous photos (love the photo shoot idea), but the best part was the last two lines . . . didn't see them coming at all! LOL!

honeybee said...

Oh I love the balloons! We are working on primary and secondary colors in my Kindergarten art classes, this will be a perfect activity to work in. They will adore this, thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Ah, yesterday we had not one, not two, but three fire drills...all within the space of 45 minutes. Thank you fire prevention week, a custodian with itchy fingers (pulled the alarm before the fire dept was in place to observe), and one little first grade boy who's now in a world of trouble.

The joy of having my class disrupted three times in one morning was compounded by the fact that our evacuation route is across a grassy hill and I was in serious pain after Sunday's half marathon AND wearing high heeled boots. Not my most brilliant move. Had we had an actual fire after the third drill, I may have just sent my class ahead with my aides and settled in to cook!

It looks like a great day outside! I love your pictures. There are days when one of my kiddos will ask, "When is math?"...after an afternoon full of math activities. I kind of like it because it's a great way to demonstrate to them that "math" isn't a's something we're using every day.