Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun times @ Knob.

The hardest part about going to a conference for art teachers is coming home.
(Learning about Acoma pottery techniques....the weather this year was amazing, sunny and nice...we were able to sit around the fire pit in the open air amphitheater.)

At the MAEA fall conference, I totally fit in. Everyone there is interested in the same types of things as me, we do the same kind of work at our day jobs and we have like minds and spirits.

Its an easy place to make new friends, make connections, and get inspired and fired up for what I am doing in my classroom.

It is one of my favorite annual events because I get ideas for my classroom, validation, and everyone there appreciates what I do...because they do it I am not afraid to be 100% myself...I can get away with being totally ME!!
(Sharing my lesson at Drag'n'Brag)

When I was little I went to church camp every summer. And a fall convention. And a spring retreat. I would get so fired up about my faith. These experiences were very powerful. And then I would come home.After such a powerful experience, the sight of a sink full of dishes or a suitcase full of laundry is so discouraging and depressing.

The TV is depressing, the daily routine is the 'grind'...I would get home from a really fun trip or a week at church camp and I would need a day or two to just to find some peace. My inner spirit was pulling in different directions, between the depression of being home and the enthusiasm of my experiences...I don't know if I will ever grow out of that. I imagine that the END of any trip or vacation brings a bit of depression....

(I met Danielle three years ago at convention...she met her husband two years ago and they celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary this year!)

I am sad that KNOB is over this year....but I know I always have next year to look forward to. 

From 2009:
It was freezing!! I wore my bear hat, red boots and sweatshirt the entire time!

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jared said...

thats good stuff... i miss knob, don't know if i'll ever make it back there or not. its unfortunate, because there is so much of it i miss. thanks for sharing!