Sunday, October 17, 2010

Longest 4 day week of the school year....

What a beautiful weekend!!

The weather was gorgeous here. Spent time with family, spent time outside, on a quilt at the park....made a 3 minute movie for a local film competition. Took some Holga pictures in the sweet sunshine.

And now....I'm looking forward to Friday....I have a massage scheduled...and a hair appointment...I will need a bit of pampering after this week.

Conference week.

Thankfully I don't have to sit with parents for hours and hours, I just have to stay late....I get a lot of work done in my room so its always nice to get ahead. But it is such a long week...Since I usually get to school by 7:00a.m., it is so exhausting to stay until 7:00p.m. two times this week...and I'll probably stay till five Monday night loading/unloading the kiln.

I am also getting a student teacher tomorrow. I think she will be amazing so I am looking forward to having her around.

Well I hope to post a bit more frequently this week than last....but it is a busy week so I will leave you with some first time to this local pumpkin patch, so cute!

 Vintage dress, jacket, shoes and purse!! YAY!
 Oh and this weekend was the local Maple Leaf amazing!!


Kate said...

Great pictures! You have such an artist's eye...naturally, I guess.

We had our parent-teacher conferences the week before Columbus Day, and it truly seems like forever. Two nights til 7:30...ugh. I have a student teacher starting tomorrow, too. My first, and I hope she's as good as she seems to be.

Jamie said...


angela said...

you look absolutly stunning in those pics. love the outfit. man, so jealous of the cuteness.