Monday, August 16, 2010

Recipe for Success: Themed Brownies

This weekend, we had a Video Game theme party for a good friend. It was a total surprise. We decked out the house by turning it into a Mario land. You can read more about our decor and see pictures over at the Birds of a Feather blog.

I decided to try something totally new and create some brownies for party, instead of a cookie cake or a regular cake. They turned out really well and they were super easy.

I baked the brownies and once they were cool, I cut them into squares and put them on a platter....then I snapped an Oreo Funstick in half and stuck it in for the handle....and added a red M&M for the red button. They were a big hit!

Ooh, here is a little peak at the party decorations....My friends have a great picture window on their door so we created a 'mario pipe' so that people could pretend to go up and down it from outside. It was super cute! (The lighting in the dining room wasn't great at dusk, but I did what I could for these picture ;-)

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miss indie said...

ohmygosh I love everything about this post!! Those brownies are freaking AWESOME.
xo. M