Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My summer with Holga Part 3

To see more summer Holga photos, read part 2 and part 1.

These photos are from my summer trip to visit my brother in AZ. We took a little road trip to Cali and stopped at the beach and the Costa Mesa Swap meet (so awesome!).

School starts this week. Bleh. ;-) Trying to be optimistic.


Maria Ontiveros said...

Awesome fisheye!

whitney said...

Love the funky pugs. What in the world? What are your favorite flea market/junk stores in this area? My fav shut down!!!

Michelle said...

Omg - cool pictures! Are those ceramic pugs?? Dude. And if that's your van, I might cry of jealousy - lol. Hubby & I are dying for a VW! :)

Nellie Mae said...

Whitney, the pugs were set up at the Costa Mesa swap meet, a neat little booth! Michelle, VW van was also from the swapmeet, it was just set up there! Super cool to see.

Whitney, we love to go to the Joplin Flea Market/Swap meet on saturday mornings...hmmmm, there are lots we go to...we'll have to talk over dinner!