Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Monster Ball

Last night I went to Lady Gaga's Monster Ball in Kansas City. I don't get to go to a lot of concerts because I usually have to work, (aka, I don't get out much) but I was really excited about the show last night. It was an artistic spectacle. It was a 'pop-electric opera'.

The enormous video screen behind the stage displayed images of Gaga doing crazy things (vomiting, eating a bloody organ?, moving in slow motion), something I would expect to see in a modern art gallery. It was fantastic. Some of the show was a bit political, but I was just there to dance and take it all in.

The set list was superb. I woke up with 'Dance in the Dark' stuck in my head this morning. The crowd went crazy for songs like Pokerface, Telephone, and Paparazzi.

The Monster Ball fans were wild and crazy. It was amazing to see the thoughtful costumes and absurdly creative hairstyles. Hair hairbows, telephones in hair,  police line tape worn as an entire ensemble. There were lots of boys dressed as girls. ;-)

 Our little gaggle of gals made sure that we had nearly five hours in the hotel before the concert to get ready. My stylist Christina did everyone's makeup and special effects. I took pictures of the process in case you are looking for ideas....I was stumped about what to wear to Gaga...but luckily, anything goes. We all decided that Halloween is only once a year...but Gaga deserves the same costume treatment and we had a blast getting GLAM!

Here is Paula, pre-gemstones. Beautiful silver eyes and LONG lashes.
We were all in love with these amazing feathers.
They are basically craft feathers glued on. She also had a gemstone in the corner of her eye. Here earrings are glittery guitar picks.

Christina, hard at work with those feathers! These two are a little out of focus....oops....
Applying gemstones.
I went for the wonder woman look. Blue hair, black feather earrings, crazy eyes and some glitter. (You can't do Gaga without a bit of glitter!)
Getting ready.
Applying craft gemstones to Meagan.
Christina's was one of my favorites! She applied broken shards of craft mirrors under one eye. It looked awesome. Way easier than a mask!
To read more about the concept for the monster ball, click here.

Here's a few iphone photos from the evening with the hipstamatic!

And since I can never seem to go anywhere without using at least 3's a few instax pics as well!!

And finally, here's the whole group!!

I think we kind of look like superheros. Or super villains. I bought this blue wig because I am in love with Katy Perry in the Summer Girls video....and it was perfect for Gaga.

I'm sad because summer is almost over. ;( But it has been a very fun and memorable one!!


Maria Ontiveros said...

What an awesome looking group!

Kelly Robinson said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you had such am awesome time!