Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweater Makeover

One of my favorite Style School projects ever! I am so happy with the quality and quantity of the online classes I have taken...The classes truly inspire me an I always learn a lot and I am motivated to actually make stuff instead of just wandering around my craft room with no purpose or inspiration.

I made-over this little while Goodwill-found sweater during Nelliepalooza and I am so proud of how lovely it turned out! Makes me want to make over all my little white sweaters with some re-covered buttons, sewn on doilies, and hand embroidering!!
You can see the apron that I wear at school to keep my clothes clean underneath---I made that too, it is a halter top!

I even added little buttons to the sleeves and a length of fabric under the button holes. I got tons of compliments and it was perfect for one of those chilly days in the spring, right after I cleaned all my winter clothes out of my closet!  Thanks for reading!!


Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the way that classes give me a direction, too! Thought about style school, but there were too many sewing projects for my style (to be honest, one is too many!).
Rinda (who doesn't sew)

Dawn said...

I love your sweater and those buttons are so sweet!