Friday, May 7, 2010

Picnik Block Party

A few weeks ago, I wrote this post.

The very same day, I got an email of praise from a guy at Picnik (which is owned by Google). Micheal was very impressed with my blog post and asked if I would be willing to host a block party to show my friends all about Picnik. Um, yes, please!

I was super excited for the opportunity so I decided to have the party on Cinco de Mayo so that I could have Mexican food--free food on a night people will already be out and about, my friends HAD to show up!

On the night of the party, I had the food ready--enchiladas, homemade beans, spanish rice, sliced avocado, chips, salsa, margaritas--and I had my computer all hooked up to the big screen t.v. My friends loved the ease at which pictures can be edited with this program. I showed them how to add fun coloring, text, and stickers (like mustaches) to their photos.

Here is a collage we made during the block party using photos from a recent slumber party I had at my house with all the kids in my family!

I had such a fun time explaining all the different features on Picnik. I am a huge fan of the collages...I made a bunch of them for this post....

I used clear display frames around my living room to showcase various collages--my friends thought these were awesome! I also had my scrapbooks/photo albums out for people to see collages and picnik pictures that I have printed at home and had printed through the site (so they could see the difference).

I think everyone had fun. Picnik even sent postcards with a free premium membership for a month to all of my guests!
Thanks Picnik! Super fun block party--thanks to you!!

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Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fun night! And awesome recognition.