Saturday, May 8, 2010

A gift for Emma

Sometimes I really HAVE to make some traditional scrapbook pages. I took a class, From Something to Nothing...and I didn't exactly do the prompts....but the class did inspire me to create this book for my cousin's 4th grade graduation. I have tons of pictures of her (way more that I just need to have printed) and I have tons of supplies that match her style...She loves owls (just like me) and she loves turquoise (just like me)....and she is my art student! You might notice that she is wearing either turquoise or black in almost every picture below!

This was such a fun album to work on. I hope I can get some more pictures developed and more pages made before the end of the school year. It was so fun using up all of my supplies and making something so lovely. I actually did all of the work at Nelliepallooza, my scrapbooking retreat--the 8 1/2 X11 format allowed me to get lots of pages done in a short amount of time and in the 3-ring notebook, it will be easy to store, add more pages and look through.

My inspiration for this page truly came from Shimelle's class....I have tons of letter stickers...and this set is super old, I decided to use ALL of the letters to create a custom background! I actually used this same picture twice....but I really love it...I may keep this layout for my personal scrapbook!
Here is another layout that uses the same picture twice....Once I get my photos developed, I may substitute one of them for a newer picture....I just had two versions of it and happened to use them both.

I haven't really added any journaling, mostly it is just stickers and papers...with some real stitching.
I know that Emma will love her book...she made ME a duct tape clutch purse for my birthday! She is super crafty and creative. I can't wait until she is older, I know we will be friends!

Thanks for reading!

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Maria Ontiveros said...

What an awesome kid!!! And you created an awesome album to capture her spirit. The bling tennis shoes layout is my favorite!