Wednesday, December 9, 2009

{Inspired} 2008 A Call to Comment

On of my goals this year was to select a word to sum up my year in 2009. It was one of my New Year's resolutions. My word for this year: Inspire. As I said on January 4th, "It is my goal this year to live a life that will inspire others. I want to inspire my students, friends and family members to follow their creative ambitions and do things that make them happy. I hope that I can do this through my blog and my scrap books."

Have I achieved my goal? I have sort of made a mental note of instances where people at work have told me that I inspired them to do something....(Robyn, Aprons) and when my friends have said that I inspired them (Jack, political activism). I am sure there are many other things that I have done to inspire my friends, I just don't realize it. I have gotten the sweetest letters from a few friends (Carrie and Lindsay) thanking me for showing them new techniques or craft forms.

I really wanted to write this post to find out, keep a record, and meter the success of my goal. Has my blog been inspiring? Have you done anything new because of my blog? Have you found an appreciation for something that you would probably not have because of my words, pictures and posts?

Please leave me a comment telling me something that I have done to inspire you this year. It doesn't have to be specific, especially if you are new to my blog. As always, I appreciate your comments and I rarely ask for feedback, but in this one instance, I hope you will consider leaving me a comment, especially if you RARELY leave comments on blogs.

Also, is there anything you would like to see more posts about in 2010? (personal details about my life, photography, cards, scrapbooking, art stuff, crafts?) If you are interested in knowing more details about being an art teacher, I just started a new blog This Little Class of Mine where {so far} I only have a few lesson plans, but I plan to share stories, websites and advice for other art teachers.

I appreciate all of my readers so much so I would like to offer a gift to one commenter. Please leave your comment on this post for a chance to win one print your choice from the "Inspirational Sky" photos below. I will select a winner on December 18th.


helena said...

just in the past week your blog has inspired me: your polaroid template provided the last spark i needed for the gift tags i wanted to make; your photos of twinkling lights sent me off with my camera and a new way of looking at lights. There have been more in previous weeks. And the photo on your header fills me with colour joy and inspiration everytime I see it. Love the idea of a word for the year - this year mine was what next?

sharyncarlson said...

You know I definitely been inspired by you!! Love your style so much. Thinking back, I've really been inspired by your photography and would love to hear more about your editing process. Also, I'll definintely be playing with the polaroid banner idea. Looking forward to seeing what 2010brings on your blog :)

Lori said...

Beautiful. Love the sunset photos.

Rachel said...

I find your blog very inspiring. I think your photography is my favorite part. And I also love when you share the things that are inspiring YOU.

Even though I might not go on to make something based directly on a project or photo I found here, reading your posts makes me happy. So thanks for sharing. :)

{melissa} said...

Your blog has undoubtedly inspired me! You have so many creative ideas and you explain them very clearly, I'm working on a spin off of one of your projects as we speak!

Sarah said...

Your photography and artistry inspires me!!! Really you are one of the most talented people I have 'met' ! I would love to have your artists 'eye'. So glad to have MET you Nellie!!!

Cheri said...

Don't laugh - but I think the photo of you in the "inspire" t-shirt is totally cute and inspiring! Since I'm relatively new to your blog (via Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class) I can't be real specific - but I can say that your blog is one of the ones I kept in google reader when I started thinning it out!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nellie,

You inspired me to perform my "Grusher" duties to the best of my abilities. Without you and your artsy fartsy expert photography, my role as Grusher would have been very much uninspired. Only a genius as yourself would think to capture a picture of my fellow Grusher standing there with my finger about to enter his nose. I laughed wholeheartedly when I saw that photo and proudly claimed said finger.

Keep on keepin on!

The Asian Grusher