Sunday, December 20, 2009

Million Dollar Fudge Photo Collage

Photo Collage for December Daily...from December 13th...In case I haven't mentioned it...the way I try to do my December Daily is to keep track of the journaling and photography throughout the month, but once I get my photos developed and have a chance to sit down for a long period of time {hopefully over Christmas break} I try to put most of the pages together at the same time. So this photo collage was from my day of making Christmas candy with family. One of our traditions is to make fudge....the recipe is 'Million Dollar Fudge"....SOOO delicious.

Anyway, it is quite a long process with lots of stirring. I tried to photograph every step....but as you can see from the collage, some of the photos are out of focus (did I mention that I was also trying to spread peanut butter on crackers and take pictures without getting peanut butter on my camera! ;-) I don't really care that some of them are out of focus, I love this composition! Hope you enjoy it too!!

By the way, I have had some people ask me about how I do my editing. I am totally a photoshop wimp. I can do a few basic things but it is super complicated to me. So....I have a couple of basic editing things that I do in iPhoto (adjust the white balance and the contrast) and the rest is done with a program I downloaded called CameraBag....OR....for this photo collage, I use an online software called Picnik....I upgraded to the premium subscription, it is totally worth it. Many of the filters are similar something you could do in photoshop, but it is SUPER user friendly. Hope this helps!! Good luck with your editing fun!

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Sarah said...

GREAT collage!!! That fudge looks YUM.