Thursday, December 24, 2009

Polaroids from the Christmas party

I literally took a couple of hundred pictures at my Christmas party. I narrowed it down to about seven that would be appropriate for the criteria that I find to be generally acceptable news for my blog.

Below you will see some holiday decor, including the way that I 'elfed' my house covering it with paper decorations like snowflakes and paper chains. You will also see a golden owl centerpiece, I created this using a thrift store owl spray painted gold, pine cones also sprayed gold, an elevated pie plate, a wreath and a mini-santa hat--super easy and cute!

We had a really fun gift exchange....I got a new pink SNUGGIE!! I love it!!

I was so excited to see my friends sincerely dedicated to the masquerade theme. This was something really unique...and they were totally into it. I created a list of Christmas themed people or things and everyone drew something from a hat. Then, they had to go into the craft room and create a mask based on what they drew. I let them trade if they really hated the one that they drew. I told them it would be completely worth it, the prizes for first, second and third were awesome. It was amazing seeing their creations. They came up with some great stuff. The abominable snowman took first place...isn't he the greatest:
Next year, I think I will have everyone decorate a gingerbread man based on a theme....hmmm....I am working on something really great. This could be a fun new tradition! I am so excited for Christmas!!

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Cheri said...

looks like a wonderful party! Merry Christmas!