Saturday, December 5, 2009

Photo Essay: {Christmas Cards} the process....

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I spent the entire morning preparing my Christmas cards to be sent out. Creating the cards is an entire process, and mailing the cards adds many additional steps to that process.
It is a labor intensive endeavor, but I think it is important.
I thought it would be fun to photograph the process this year.
Provide details.
You can pretend you are watching an episode of 'how it is made'. :-)

I like to use some kits and some of my own designs. I love to make each card a little different! After making the cards, I try to take a picture of each one.

I like to choose a silly photo from earlier in the year and I always have wallets made so that I can include it in my card. Sometimes I use a school picture.

I keep a book with all my addresses and the cards from the previous two years. I love looking back at the messages from my family and the pictures that they sent. The cards and photos are on display the entire month of December, but I hide them away in this book once the month is over, so that I can remember who sent what last year.

I write all of the addresses in pencil so that I can make changes. The book is filled with little scraps of paper that I try to update once a year so that I can have current addresses for my family. On the edge of the paper, I keep track of who I sent cards to each year. A circle around the line means that I have mailed or distributed the card. A single line means that I need to distribute the card or I need to update the address information. No line or circle means that I did not give that person a card this year.

Ah, the free labels from all those companies that know I need them for my cards.
Okay, this year...I did not have any Christmas stickers in my house. How is that even possible??? My two favorite things: Stickers AND Christmas. I have been buying so many Christmas stamps that I haven't been buying many stickers lately....SOOO, I am using some stickers that a friend gave me...They are those old black and white pictures of little kids holding red roses and kissing. Cute, but not super Christmasy....all well....

Add the stamps. Mail with love.

Thanks for reading!!
I am feeling really on top of things this year with my cards done. I hand out some to family members, pass some out at work and I mail the rest. I have it all DONE! Yay! Now, it is time to kick back and relax.


{melissa} said...

you're so organized!!! And wow, making each one a little different?! I used to make 3 different designs and I thought that was a lot. Your cards are gorgeous.

Dawn said...

I just love this post about your process! That's how I approach Christmas cards. However, my space does not look nearly as orderly. LOL

Sarah said...

WOW that is a Process!!! Loved reading about and and seeing your cards. Bummed we didn't see the pics you put in though :0)