Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mini Album {Update}

Hey guys! I hosted a fantastic crop last Friday. Thirteen wonderful women (including me!) got together to crop the night away with food, games, 80s music and prizes. It was a super fun night. I forgot to take any pictures that night but I did get a lot of work done. I finished adding the pictures to this and I made some cards. I will post them this week!

Here are a few of my favorite finished pages!

I have been trying to post every day and so far it is working out well for me because I have been making lots of good things on the weekend. Actually, I have been setting up AUTO-Posts each day. I prepare an entire week's worth of blogs and set them to post each day. It has been working out pretty well. I may not write as much on each one, but you get to see what I have been working on and if something profound strikes me, I can edit the post before it goes live or I can post a two-fer. Hehe! As always, your comments and praises mean so much. Thanks for reading This Little Blog of Mine!

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Sarah said...

Heyyy Nellie I swear I saw one of your mini's on Card of the for you.
LOVE your mini!