Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Awesome Crop TONIGHT!

I a hosting a crop tonight and the theme is DIRTY DANCING!! (r.i.p. Patrick)

I am giving away a copy of the sound track and I have lots of fun things planned for my guests:
1. Make a vintage page using vintage photos
2. Make an origami dress (an 'I've Had the Time of My Life' thank you card!)

3. Song game and camp games
4. Listen to the soundtrack all night

5. Photo scavenger hunt game (find pictures of things like: 'baby' '2 people dancing' 'an old car' 'camping trip' 'dance recital'
6. Watermelon

7. Prize pack with fun summer papers and stickers:

8. Dirty Dancing Flair (I copied this from the flair app on Facebook and printed it onto cardstock. The circles can be cut out with a circle punch--super fun embellishment, I will be giving away a few sheets of these!)

Yahoo, I am so excited. I have some wigs...the gals will earn tickets for doing various things throughout the night and if they try on the mullet wig or the gray granny wig, they can earn extra tickets, and I will be posting those on my blog! :-)

I might be planning a crop in December based around the movie 'The Christmas Story'...I think that would be awesome!

Thanks for reading, as always, your comments are so special to me!


Karen Wilson said...

Oh wow! This sounds like SO much fun! Do you have a lot of girls coming? I can't wait to see pics!

Abby said...

All over it like white on rice! Cause when I'm with Nellie, I've had the time of my life! :)

Lindsay Harrison said...

This was so fun!!! Such a great night!

Tara Oakley Cutler said...

A Christmas Story is like one of my favorite all time Christmas flicks. I always feel like it's offically the holiday season when that movie comes on TV!! (usually Thanksgiving)