Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Open House Gift Card Holder

On Saturday September 12th, I am having an Open House to show off some new products in the CTMH Fall/Winter Idea Book. I am super excited to teach everyone how to make a little gift card holder using cardstock, a strip of patterned paper and an envelope. I learned how to make it by watching a video over at the Chic'n'Scratch website.

You basically seal an envelope, cut it in half and then fold the cardstock around it. When you open the flap, you can place a note and a gift card inside. I must admit, these are a little plain for me...I LOVE BLING! But, I decided to keep them simple so that they would be easy to take to some out of town workshops I am teaching over the next few months. They are perfect for beginning stampers because it is one image, NOEL, with some random stamping on the base. For the paper, I am using Jingle...I wish I had more cardstock on hand...the only thing I had in bulk was Ocean and Cranberry...they don't perfectly match, but I am making it work.


Sarah said...

These are great Nellie! Simple and perfect for an open house. I think the colors work great. OHHH BTW I loved you bang's picture...Yah know in the UK they are not called 'bang's'...but your 'fringe' just so you know LOL. You know how long it took me to realize what the heck people were talking about when they mentioned bang's???? for EVER...Who in the heck thought up the word bang anyway

Carla said...

These are so great!! I am definitely going to check out that video tutorial!

PS - - your bangs look fabulous!!!

Lisa Brown said...

Love these, Nellie! Perfect for those Christmas gift cards!