Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jump for Juniper

Jeanette's Color Me Monday colors this week are so great!! I was very ready to 'jump for juniper' this week!!

Here are my cute little 'anytime' cards made using the new 'You're a Hoot' stamp set. I colored the branch by inking it with desert sand and then using a Juniper marker on the leaves before stamping it. I used the brush end of my marker and it sort of wiped off the desert sand...I did clean the tip after a couple of leaves so it wouldn't get stained brown. I really like how the leaves look in person, I will definitely be doing this technique again.

After trimming the branch out and adhering it to the card, I added liquid glass to the leaves to make them shine. I didn't have a speck of vanilla cream in the house so I used a scrap of B&T from 'That's Amore' and a scrap of B&T from 'Perfect Day' on my card base. After finishing the card, I realized it needed some more texture, so I used my paper piercer around the edges and added some desert sand with a sponge.

I absolutely love the journaling frames from 'Frame of Mind' for cards...not just scrapbook pages. They are soo cool, I really love to layer them, like I have done here.

Sometimes when I make something for a challenge, I end up making two or more things. This happens for many reasons:
1. I don't like sketches, so I just play around with the elements until I find something I like.
2. After a lot of trial and error, I have left over parts and I want to use them on a new card.
3. The first one isn't good enough and I think I can do better.
4. I really enjoy the combination of colors and images and I have to keep going until the idea is seen all the way through or I get tired of it.
5. I have just a few leftovers, perfect for a mini-card or tag
6. I think of a new sentiment or idea that just won't fit on the original card.
7. The original card doesn't work at all....and I end up turning it into two smaller cards (sort of what happened here)
8. I just can't let one tiny scrap go into the scrap box forever...I have to use it immediately, or else it will just be forgotten and wasted....
9. I have a lot of time left before I need to drag myself to do laundry or some other chore (or bed) I use the time to 'keep going' mojo is still working, so I just continue on with the same idea, rather than try to start something new.
10. I stamp something I don't like and then I figure out a way to use it, or cover it up...sometimes this means going back to something I have placed in the 'discard' pile.


Jamie Harder said...

Adorable card!!!

Sarah said...

These are great. You are right ..we do have similar tastes..esp with colors. Only you have wayyyyy more creative talent than I do... :-))