Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Movie Challenge #32: Twilight

This week's movie over at Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge is TWILIGHT!! I would say that I probably liked the book and the soundtrack more than I liked the I decided to listen to the soundtrack while I worked on this week's creation.

I have had this mini-book for a couple of weeks and I was just looking at it Saturday morning, trying to decide what to do with it. I thought maybe I would save it for a trip....and then the movie challenge was posted. Waaaaahoooo!! I got a great idea to create a book about the Twilight Saga 'FAD'.

I would like to create more mini-books like this....With journaling and photos and ephemera (like the patch that I used on the cover!) as I am living the experience. I went back through my photo gallery and found pictures of me with various friends who love Twilight and this book shows the progression of how the 'wildfire' spread.


Yesterday, I printed the photos onto white cardstock. Then, I found papers that would match this week's challenge: Use red, black and white, and sparkles. Most of the paper comes from Hambly....I LOVE their clear overlays, perfect for this type of project.

(feel free to click on the pictures to see stuff up-close!)

Then I did my journaling. I typed a Word document with a short blurb about my experience with each friend, Abbey, Kaley, Kannan, Johni and then each 'thing that I wanted to talk about, books, movie, shirt, soundtrack, Cullen Crest lapel pin, etc. I printed that onto a sheet of cardstock.

I also printed a page with the soundtrack playlist.

As I was thinking about the things I wanted to include in my mini-book, I realized that I needed more visuals. Stickers, stamps, chipboard....nothing seemed quite right.....That is when I got the idea to use FLAIR. If you don't know about Flair, it is a Facebook application. You can pick out little buttons to send to your friends that say things like: "BFF" or "I[heart]Twilight". I have out tons of flair just before the Twilight movie came out last November. My favorite: "Edward Cullen, bringing Sexy back since 1901". Hehe

So, when I got the idea to use flair, I just opened the application and started dragging the ones that I liked into Word. Once I had about 2 pages, I printed it on vellum. After I trimmed a couple of pages to use as actually 'pages in my book' I had leftover circles that I used my circle punch to cut out to use on various spots around my book.

This was a very fun book to make. The entire creative process was so fun. Last night, I had to see it all the way through. I couldn't wait to take pictures this morning. I didn't include every picture of the book here because it was too annoying to move around all the codes... So, you can view them all over at my flickr album.

I am super excited about this creation!! I can't wait to make more mini-books just like this. The 3-rings made it very easy to move things around and change up the order of my pages and I could also include entire pictures as the 'page'. Wow. I want to make more of these!
I saved room at the back to include my ticket stub and a picture of whomever I go see the next movie with, or whoever I lend a copy of one of my books to next so the saga will continue to spread and grow.

Ooh, I hope you will consider playing along this week!! This was so fun!! I love the movie challenges. (I wore my Cullen Crest shirt all day yesterday!!) Even if you don't play along this week, maybe next week....I WILL BE A GUEST DESIGNER!!! I am super excited to be guest designing for next week's movie with Jamiee. We were asked to be guest designers after our Steel Magnolia movie entries!! You don't have to make a mini-book or anything too crazy to play, just a card or even a book mark!! Thanks for reading!!

Also, I have to give credit to the fabulous Ali Edwards for inspiring this book. She makes mini-books over at her blog all the time and I just love seeing them!


Sankari W. said...

Oh My G o o d n e s s............. I am in A W E!!!! Wow, Nellie - you just created a Masterpiece !! What a great idea - and so clever with the flair - holy schmoly!!!! and I love that ECullen has been bringing sexy back since 1901!! haha!!!! Seriously - you did such an awesome job!!! I am going to go and pick up my jaw off the floor now!!!

thank you so much for playing along this week!!! can't wait to see your creations for next week's movie challenge :)

happy sunday!
Sankari :)

Sarah said...

Once again you knock it wayyyyy out of the park!!! WOW
You are so talented!
I am a Twilight addict...the movie was a let down from the book.

Karen Wilson said...

Wow, Nellie!! This is phenominal! You have done an amazing job and I just love it. How creative!

I agree with the movie vs wins HANDS DOWN!! I fell in love with the whole series and actually looking fwd to reading it again.

Jamie Harder said...

FABULOUS album!!! Wow I feel so out of the loop with the whole Twilight thing...guess I better pick up the books one of these days:)

I left you a little something on my blog:)

scrapperjulia said...

Awesome mini album!

Chat Noir said...

Stunning! What a fabulous collection of memories and fun you've created. I've never made a mini book but what you've done is inspirational. And of course the colours are my favourite so I love it all.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea!! I love how you incorporated the theme into a mini book. I have not thought of that. I will have to try is someday. Fabulous!!

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Wowza. That is insanely gorgeous. I adore mini books, but never have the ability to make one. This is such a treasure.

ps new banner is a beaut.

Libby Hickson said...

This is completely awesome Nellie!!! Very, very cool!

Carol Dunstan said...

what a great idea! Love all the little touches you have done

Jaimee said...

wow you have been busy! looks great, love all the white and those pictures look great fun

Rochelle said...

This is soo amazing! Great job.

Lisa Brown said...

Wow! This is so awesome, Nellie!