Monday, January 26, 2009

Travel Journal

I love to make Travel Journals!! I found some really great notebooks at Target that have pockets and dividers and an elastic band around the outside. My favorite thing on a trip is picking up things to save and stuffing them into the notebook. I love to make lists before the trip and write down quotes, restaurants and memorable things from the trip as we go along. I have travel journals from Italy, Australia/New Zealand, Sweden, Jamaica, and much closer places like St. Louis, Chicago, Washington D.C. and New Orleans.

I like to go back and read my memories and laugh about things that happened.

COSMO CRICKET MR.CAMPY PAPER CRAFT KIT paper pack. Now, this is still a work in progress as it will not be finished until after the trip, but I worked on it Saturday in between working on the baby shower gift and surfing the internet.

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Cathy Gill said...

How cute and practical is this project! Love it!