Friday, January 30, 2009

I have been tagged.

I've been tagged by Winter over at Winter Wonderland and Brandi over at Yankee Bell Stamper!! I have to tag 6 more people and try to get to know them better. You have to go to your "my pictures" on your computer and find the 6th folder and and get the 6th picture, then choose 6 more people to pass it on to.
So this is my picture.

This picture was exactly 6 months ago, before I became a blogger. It is one of my very first cards. I say 'first' because this is one of the first cards I made before I started doing challenges, taking pictures of my work, and taking card making seriously as a hobby and a minor profession on the side. I think I may have made this card as a color challenge card...but I am not sure. I wanted to post a more random, funny card...but the tag said to pick my 6th pic when I opened my photos and this is it. Enjoy!!

Six tagged bloggers:
Cathy @ Petal's of Cathy's Life
Julie @ Julie Cameron's Studio
Leslie @ Running with Scissors
Leslie @ Ink and Inspirations
Rimna's skafferi
Emily Jones @ Controlled Chaos

I love all of these blogs! I read every new post!

Okay, for fun, I am going to post a random picture! This is the 6th picture from the end....Ha ha!!


Julie Cameron said...

thanks for thinking of me and tagging me....I just actually was tagged 2 days ago and played my sixth pic is posted on my site already. Maybe I can play next time....have a great day!

Leslie Miller said...

Well, how fun is this! And a very pretty card, too! I'm not very organized with my folders, except for my card folders. I went and looked--what a mess! And my CD thingy in my computer quit working so I can't back up my files. Oh, no! I really need to do something about those files. Thank you for the tag! That was mighty sweet of you to think of me!

Rimna said...

Thank you!!!

I´ll upload my picture soon.

What a nice blog you have and your work is wonderful!

I´ll come back for more inspiration!

Have a nice day!

Stacy said...

The second pic cracked me up! LOL :)
Hope your leg is better!!!