Monday, February 15, 2010

I can crochet!

I finally figured out how to crochet. I watched a couple of videos and I looked at a couple of picture tutorials (this site was especially helpful) and I think I finally figured it out. I can't do everything, of course...but next I hope to learn how to make a granny square. I love this blog tutorial too!

Other things I want to make:

A colorful pillowcase with a crochet border--WOW!

An owl purse: (gahhh! I can't remember where I found this picture but I love him!)

Garland (Better start on this now!)

A circle (for flowers) Or any other sort of crochet flower! (Videos here) So pretty!!
I found these to be very special!

One of these gorgeous pillows:

One of these macrame owls possibly from this pattern. Or these. And I just love this idea!

(I am in love with these) I keep looking at the photos over and over again. The colors are so gorgeous, I had to share them with you!

My goal was to be able to make a snow day hat (before the end of winter). The tutorial can be found here.

My hat isn't perfect...In fact, I will probably make another one....but I am proud of it anyway!

I did not make the granny square afgan behind me...but I love it!


Sarah said...

I tried and failed to crochet...LOVE that pic of you!!haha!

helena said...

welcome to the fun world of crochet - i love it so much more than knitting. glorious colours in those sites you found - will go and check them out