Sunday, February 7, 2010

Custom Planner

Teeeheeee!! I am so glad she liked it!!! I have a single item listed in my Etsy shop, This Little Shop of Mine, at the moment: a custom planner.

I have only sold a couple of these and I don't promote it much simply because I work full time and I do it mainly as a hobby. Anyway, here is what Tame said about her planner:

WOW WOW WOW!!! I just got back from vacation, and this was one of the items that greeted me upon arrival :) It is SO BEAUTIFUL & FUNCTIONAL!! I've already have marvelous ideas for its future :) I can use it as a planner, journal, and project organizer (especially for my scrapbooking), and keep things all in one place (relatively!) Thanks so much for working with me on this creation, and I'll DEFINITELY be back for more items, and next years planner. Without a doubt the most creative & most favorite planner I've ever purchased :) Take care---Tame

In order to provide her with exactly what she wanted, I had her make a list of things she would ideally love to have in a planner designed especially for her:
I love these type of planner journals, especially stickers, patchwork, recycled, etc pages. Would it be possible to add about 4 pages for address/phone numbers, 15 pages for to do/projects, 12 pages for monthly finances/budget, 5 pages for lists (eg. one for books to read, one for movies to see, one for shopping to do, one for presents to purchase, and one for music to listen to), 2 pages for favorite websites, one page for passwords, and the rest of the journal be the monthly calendar page, daily planner sheets, and several pages stuck in for notes/doodles/scrapbook capability?
I really don't care what order the pages come in, what items/collages get stuck onto what, I really do like to be surprised!
Favorite colours tend toward royal blue-purples, burgandy, and orange-red.

Here is a peek at what she received:

Custom-ish Monthly budget sheet. This is printed on the back of each month's calendar page so that the finances for the month can be easily recorded. I tried to leave a bunch of blanks because I wasn't sure what she would exactly need for her personal budget:

Address book

Fun Dividers in Purple:

I added a few little cute stickers, but left the pages open so she could paste in her own pictures and ephemera:

"To-Do" Pages

"Journal" pages

Tame had requested a page for her favorite websites and also a place for passwords....I decided to try to help her keep her passwords private, so I hid the password list sheet under this cute Hambly owl:

Of course there are other surprises hidden throughout the book. I am so glad that she likes it! I had a lot of fun creating it just for her. Thanks for reading! If you are interested in your own customized planner, check out my shop!


helena said...

no suprise she was delighted - it looks wonderful. had not thought of having someone else customise a planner for me but will bear it in mind for next year.

Lisa Brown said...

This is absolutely amazing! Wonderful job!

sharyncarlson said...

I am in awe of this planner! What a great custom item. No wonder she loves it :)