Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am sick!!!!!

UGH! I had such a fun weekend planned and now I am stuck on the couch. Fever. Sore throat. I have strep throat. I feel like crap. Hopefully I can bounce back and do some crafting this weekend. I did make a few cards earlier this week and I need to photograph them...maybe I can do that this afternoon....

In the meantime, here are some TTV pictures I took with my new Spartus full view camera. Well, it isn't new....I got it for like $10 at an antique shop. The mirror that reflects the pictures has a big glue stain on it...I couldn't clean it off so I need to replace the mirror...but I kind of like how these pictures look. I took them in my classroom.

I have the worst luck with being sick on the weekends. Last spring, I was planning to ride a local trolley with some friends....I was super sick and couldn't go....

Anyway, I hope your weekend is great!

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