Thursday, September 9, 2010

Orange you going to say knock-knock?

Do you ever look through your photos and notice themes?

Recently I was browsing back through my photo booth photos and noticed a few pictures from my orange dining room. I love the dining room because of the white chair railing and hand painted stripes along the bottom. I don't often take pictures in that room because in the evening the lighting is super orange (middle picture) but in the morning, (bottom picture) the lighting can be really quite nice.

I was having a little laugh at my changing hair and I thought you might enjoy a look at this great theme in my photo booth photos on my Mac.

Photo 6.
April or May 2008. Rocking the bob!! I am thinking about going back to a bob, with the bangs eventually.

Photo 131.
Not sure when this one was taken....I was sick of straightening the bob...I wanted layers. This haircut was pretty cute in person, easy to manage and very versatile.

Photo 662.
September 2010. My hair has really grown! I love having long hair. I have been trying out lots of styles. I never thought I would like bangs, but I DO love them! I took down the Venus Di Milo Botticelli reproduction so that I could make a hair tutorial (Featured on the Birds of a feather blog this week, be sure to check it out!!). I was worried the sexy redhead in the background would be too distracting. ;-)
Hope you are having a great week! Thanks for reading! ;-)

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Hearthandmade said...

i really like your hair the way it is now!