Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Juror Number 0157....please stand up....

I'm reporting for jury duty this morning. I thought it would give me a chance to sleep in, but the alarm went off at the usual time so I am awake, enjoying a bit of blogging time instead of sleeping.

I got a summons to appear at the courthouse today to report for duty...I am actually really excited. I hope I get picked as a juror for a trial. My boss got selected for a federal case once, and she had to be gone for 6 weeks, it was actually really cool. A change of pace. The adult world. Today I will have a chance,  to sit and listen (for the most part)...I won't have to be 'ON' all day, just on autopilot....teachers can probably relate...we had meetings all day on Monday and it was the same thing. I was there, I was physically present and my brain was on, but I wasn't really in charge of anything and I didn't have to give any presentations or do any demonstrations. Such a good feeling.

Days like this have the potential for great writing opportunities. ;-)

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