Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Inspired by Christmas in July

Last month while I was working on my Christmas in July card, I realized that I have tons of magazines with Christmas card ideas that I lug around and flip through for inspiration. I had the brilliant idea to create an idea book of my very own with the magazines!! As I went through the magazines and I realized that most of the content was just adds and junk taking up space in my Christmas file. (Yes, I have a file which holds all of my Christmas embellishments, card samples, papers, stickers and stamps.)

First, I ripped out the cards that I wanted to keep and put them in a pile, then I found the perfect album. Finally, I got out my glue stick and started pasting them into the album by color. The primarily red cards got a layout page and so did the light blues, also pink, and the mostly green cards, they got their own page too! Of course I cut out things that I like from the magazines, like tags and directions for a seasonal gift box. I even snipped out big, cute Santa for the first page:

Finally, the fun part! I got to use some 3-D letters for the front. I really like to use the word JOY on my cards because it is so short I can whip up a stamp or use stickers and it generally fits on any card. For the cover of my Christmas Idea book, I used Close to My Heart 3-D Chipboard letters and I covered them in red glitter, they look just like Dorothy's Ruby Slippers in The Wizard of Oz!! I also got to use some gold embossing and I whipped out the paint for the chipboard frame.

I am super excited to use this book when making Christmas cards this year....Whenever I see it sitting across the room, I just want to grab it and brainstorm...I left lots of white areas for sketching out card layouts and trying out techniques before putting them on a card, I can even put in swatches of paper and stamp my stamps in the book so that I will know what I have without dragging it all out! (haha, yeah right...I drag everything out and spread it out so it looks like an explosion to most people...but to is Inspiration Mountain!!)


Crafty Sue said...

I have just discovered your blog.
You have created a very nice place and your creations are beautiful.
Keep up the good work!

nelliemaeii said...

Thanks!!! How sweet!