Monday, August 13, 2012

Retro Vacation Photos {Australia}

As much as I loved New Zealand, Sweden, England, Norway/Denmark, and Italy; Australia was the country with the most adventure.

The tour was so organized, we got to do more than just annoying little scheduled shopping trips, we actually had thrilling things to experience. I have so many memories from this trip. I can practically describe it using all five senses. I can remember distinctly how the giant biscuits with fresh whipped cream and jelly we had for a snack one day tasted, to the fresh-grilled fish we had for lunch. We actually tried vegimite on toast. blech. Our tour bus was constantly filled with the sounds of Australian music like 'Down Under' or movies like Whale Rider.

We got to try throwing a boomerang, cracking a whip, we rode in off-rode jeeps through the bush, we got to snuggle koala bears, and feed wild wallabies right out of the palm of our hand.

We got up close and personal with a sand monitor on Fraiser Island (while we talked about wild dingos and snatched babies) and we swam in the beautiful white-sand lake.

We took a long boat ride to the tip of the Great Barrier Reef and snorkled and scuba dived with the tropical fish. 

We went on a tree top hike through a rain forest and some people even climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Not me. I was too chicken.

When I wasn't singing along to the music or watching the movies on the bus, I was reading Bill Bryson's Down Under. It was an incredible companion to the trip. I learned so many fun facts about Australia while I was actually there. I must add that Bill Bryson is an incredible writer. He is so funny and informed. Loved the book so much.

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