Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Orchids and Onions

Onions to the  THREE SMB ATM customers who drove off without pushing 'No, I do not want to make another transaction' and left their account open when I pulled up. Good thing I am honest.

Onions to the creep who yelled "HEY BABY!" at me on 32nd street this morning. I use that road  because of the sidewalks, not the hecklers. Perv.

Onions to the off-brand-Q-tips. 3,0000 poseurs later, my ears are finally happy again.

Orchids to the girl at Joplin Ave Coffee co for giving me a coupon for a freebie after I ordered a smoothie but you were out of bananas. I will be back!

Orchids to Sonic for the yummy new Pina Colada Slush flavor. I love fresh pineapple!

 Onions to Mission brand tortillas. It should be a crime against nature for any burrito to rip open during consumption. Seriously.

Onions to Craft Wars. I really love the concept. I would be a perfect contestant. But the voice over critiques that have been added in post production are obvious. And bizarre. I WILL continue watching though.

Orchids to the McDonald's drive-thru attendant. Telling me that 'purple looks good on me and is my color' with genuine regard completely negated the shame and feelings of regret I had after scarfing down fries and sweet tea for lunch.

Orchids to the car-hop who told me: 'You look like a pinup girl!' Best compliment ever.

Onions to the house in the country outside of Alba with an acre of green grass in their front yard. Really? Do you think people care if your grass is green? There is dead pasture for miles around your property. Let it go. Don't waste the water.

Onions to Kansas City Metro for giving me a parking ticket during a PD workshop at the Nelson-Atkins. Those signs are confusing! I parked in the same spot I always park on the weekends, but it is illegal mid-week to park there. And isn't $43.50 a little obscene?

What cheers and jeers do you have lately? Leave your orchids and onions in the comments!  You may write to vent frustration or send praise things going on in the community. The entries must be 40 words or less. Entries must begin with entry with 'Orchids to:' or 'Onions to:'

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Maria Ontiveros said...

I like this concept but will have to think on it!

My Eye said...

Orchids to bloggers who continue to blog and haven't give all of their energy to Facebook!