Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY Faux 'Air Plant' (Sculpey Moss Pouch)

These little pouches started out as a combination of some handmade clay necklaces I saw at a flea market and the idea of a terrarium+air plaint. Initially, these were to be necklaces....but the more that I worked with the sculpey-oven-bake-clay, and the moss, I decided they would make great little wall hangings.

Do you remember the picture frame around the peep-hole on the show Friends? These colorful plastic frames have sat empty in my art room as a tribute to that much loved little piece of decor from my favorite show. An now I finally have something cool enough to hang inside.

You can buy sculpey for about $1 at hobby lobby or michaels...its often on sale...The dried moss can also be purchased at a craft store. This is a very easy+cheap little craft!

These are a non-traditional classroom decor item.  But since my room has no windows, I think they are a fabulous addition. A little bit of natural green that needs no sunlight and no watering.

They are tucked in a little corner behind my desk, just above my aprons.

And just for fun, here is my teacher-chair. I recovered it with this vintage fabric using a staple gun. Pretty easy makeover!

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