Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why I love the end of the year....Part 1

I have to admit, I love the first week of school.

I love opening a brand new box of crayons.

I love getting my rooms ready. (I have two rooms)

I love how happy everyone is the very first week....teachers literally sing 'hellooooo' to each other in the halls, excited to get back into the groove. The first few weeks of school are productive, ripe with anticipation, and exciting.  (read how is your year going?)

But by May....we are all singing a different tune. We look at each other with matching expressions of fatigue, exhaustion, and dread as we mark the minutes off the calendar.  'Only Two More Mondays' we exasperatedly exclaim as we pass each other in the halls.

As tired as we are this time of year....most teachers will probably admit how much we secretly love the last few weeks of school. The weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming and we all know that are days are numbered with this particular group of students.

The very best part about the end of the year is the field trips, picnics, special programs and fun events that students get to do. I am always excited when I get to participate in the fun stuff.

The photos below are from a reward celebration from our school fundraiser. For students that sold a high number of items, they got to throw water balloons at the principal.

So they lined up like a firing squad and let 'em rip. He wore his umpire gear for protection, but it was still fun to watch him get soaked.

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