Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Destruction in the Heartland....part 3...Photos of the May 22nd Tornado in Joplin

Here are some photos. I posted many of these on Facebook, but some are new. I will try to post some videos soon.

Mom's apartment. 
 Apartment directly across from mom's house.
 Mom's front yard, with view of St. Mary's Catholic Church.
 This is my mom's front door, she was pinned behind it while immediately after the tornado hit. She tried to close, but it would not shut.

 View of mom's apartment from sidewalk on Moffet street.
 St. Mary's Catholic church.
 More of mom's apartment complex. In the far distance, you can see the top of St. John's hospital.
 Another view of St. Mary's.
 Very scary post-tornado clouds.
 House burning on Moffet St. Road is totally blocked with debris.
 Another view of St. Mary's.
 Accidental 'tornado' photo while running!
 Wheeling my mom to a triage unit in a parking lot near a destroyed nursing home. This is the corner of 26th and moffet.
 Not even an exclamation point for my phone service/messages. phone is searching. searching. searching.

 Skyline of St. John's Monday morning.
 Close up from photo above.

 This is the garden, recently planted behind my house. Somehow, that spinning flower ornament made it!
 Neighbor's house across the street from mine. Some tree limbs in yard.
 Looking south on Oakridge, right in front of my house. Limbs down.
 Such a relief to come home to a house that is still standing. I left my closet light on---electricity has been restored. Monday afternoon. The tornado was 24 hours ago. I live 1.5 blocks from extreme devastation.

 5:00 pm Monday, flood waters rising south of town. (Tuesday morning, the roadway I am stopped on is impassible after Monday's rains)

Tuesday morning. Mom's apartment. 
 Living room and kitchen.

 She is lucky to have some walls standing. No roof, very wet, but we were able to save some stuff.

 her Bedroom.
 Saving some keepsakes.
 View from back window.
 Floor in spare bedroom. Insulation everywhere.
 This is where the mobile triage unit was set up. Victims from the nursing home were on these mattresses.

 26th and moffet, you can see St. John's in the distance.
 Electrical sub station.
 Irving elementary on 26th st.

 26th street, looking towards main....you can see J-Town and taco bell...sort of.

 Cars have been turned into 'balls of steel' according to one CNN reporter.


Lindsey Lea B said...

I look at these pictures and can't believe it. My heart is so heavy for the extreme loss JOplin has experienced. How is your mom? That had to be so scary for all of you! Thank the Lord you are all okay!

Dashfield Vintage said...

Oh my goodness this is awful! I am just watching the news and see that more tornado's have occurred. We had a tornado come through my part of town a few weeks ago (in New Zealand). It went straight through a busy mall and shopping centre so it was amazing that only one person died. Still it all comes a little too soon after the earthquake we just had earlier this year. All the best to you and your family. I hope that things settle down soon.

kit and nancy. said...

oh my goodness. so so sad. i do hope you and your mum get through this ok. thoughts are with you.

Lauri said...

These pictures are incredible and heartbreaking at the same time. You will be so glad that you took them. Glad you and your mom are safe!

reinkebarb said...

Nellie, I am trying to find out about GG Mathis in purchasing and Elaina Edman, Asst principal at Irving Elementary. What can you tell me? Barb Reinke - Crayola Regional Education Manager in Stilwell, KS that covers Missouri.

Nellie Mae said...

Thank you everyone for the prayers, support and comments.

Reinkebarb, I contacted a Joplin art teacher, here is what she said:

Both are fine. Damage to Elaina's house. GG's house I am not sure of.