Friday, April 8, 2011

Live Blogging at Nelliepalooza!

This is the third round of Nelliepalooza. I started it last year for my birthday, and it was so successful that everyone voted for a second session in the fall and now its my birthday season again so we are at the campground for another weekend of fun.

I've got a bunch of craft-loving ladies at a local campground. It is super cheap to reserve for a couple of nights and everyone pitches in on food so we get to eat tons of yummy snacks and home-cooked meals.

Tonight we had yummy enchiladas and now we are all working on individual projects. I am quilting.

Some people are scrapbooking.

My friend Caralee brought her spin art machine and we were wow-ed by its spinning powers.

Michelle brought her extreme couponing notebook and people are taking notes, learning her way of amazing money saving using coupons.
This is one of my favorite places to be: surrounded by friends, good food, and working on inspirational projects. It reminds me of camp. When I was a kid, church camp was my favorite thing to do every summer.

I just wanted to take a minute and reflect. Back to work!

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Abby said...

SO JEALOUS!!!!!!! Hope you gals are having a great time! Nellie, I hope you do it again in the fall, so I can come again! I HEART Nelliepalooza!