Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Post!

A friend sent me an awesome link to some really creative and fun art birthday party decorations. I especially love the colorful cake balls displayed in the paint palette. Check out Inspired Birthday Party Themes for more ideas and more photos!

This would be such a fun birthday party--the invitations would be so cute and so fun to make!

Today is my birthday, I am 28!! Inching my way towards 30,  it will be here before I know it. Read about some of my other birthday adventures here, I haven't always had the best luck on my birthday. (Let's hope I don't get a ticket for 'body parts outside the vehicle' again!)

This day has started out beautifully. My entire school sang happy birthday to me in the bus room. Each class of the day has showered me with birthday notes and paintings.

My student teacher made me a super cute owl apron and an entire bouquet of owl pops! So cute!! This is my first owl apron-- I own tons of aprons but none have owls!
 Cutest thing ever! I am in LOVE!

 Totally cute and creative. I need this book now! I think I may have a new obsession!

Watch for a post on Monday entitled 'My Birthday in Food' looks like I will be spending a lot of time eating this weekend--and I am excited about that!

Thanks for reading! I am excited to get back to blogging soon. I have lots of great ideas for posts, just need to find time to get them written. I am hoping to have a bit more time in the coming weeks.

Is there any thing you want me to write about? Art teacher stuff? Lesson plans? Funny stories? Crafting projects? Leave me some requests in the comments!


Tracy said...

Happy birthday, looks like an amazing book.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Owl pops!!! And an owl apron! So fantastic. Have a great birthday! And let me say again - owl pops!

Kate said...

Hey, happy birthday! Our birthdays are close...I just had mine on the 4th. Adorable gifts! I love having my birthday at school because the kids are so sweet. Definitely makes you feel loved. Enjoy your weekend!