Thursday, July 1, 2010

I've sort of had writer's block.....

Last spring I had about ten things to write about every week. Now that summer is here, I just don't want to be tied to my computer and I am feeling totally uninspired. I haven't stopped creating, I've just sort of taken a break from documenting it. I thought it would be fun to share some pretty pictures I took at a recent local art walk. If you don't want to read all the boring stuff, enjoy the pretty pictures!

Today is my second day of summer vacation. The worst part about a vacation is feeling like, 'wow...I don't ever want to go back to work....ever....." I guess that it is bad because I fee guilty, like I don't like my job. But it is good too because it means that I am really enjoying every single second that I do have off. Yesterday I did a few things on the computer that I needed to get done but I had been procrastinating. (ordered some more Instax film--yay!)  I am shooting a wedding this weekend so I have been getting ready for that. Today has been a major cleaning day. Clean sheets. Clean kitchen. Clean laundry (folded and put away). I drank some green tea and it really energized me to get some mundane tasks done!

I recently set a few new goals for myself....
1. Lose 5 lbs.
2. Keep a food journal
3. Work out at least 4 days a week
4. Avoid fried foods, eat more grilled meat with veggies and fruit
5. Limit sweets and other junk food

This is week four and I have done pretty well with all of my goals. My food journal was really easy while I was in school but I have slacked off on that this week. I have really stuck to working out....I must admit that the last time I ran a full mile was in Jr. high but I am nearly there now...I can't run an entire mile...haha...I live in a neighborhood full of hills...but I almost can. I jog/walk 2.4 miles nearly every day and I have gone hiking at a local nature center too.

I had hoped that the results from all this hard work would be paying off but I haven't lost a single pound. My clothes fit a little better but I am still the same size. grrr....that is frustrating. Week 4 is almost over and I am going on a trip next week so that might sabotage my workout and eating plan (who wants to be restrictive when they are traveling!) I just hope I don't have to start completely over when I get back. I want to meet my goal of losing 5 lbs. before school starts in August!!

I have been working really hard on some art goals too. I am planning an art exhibit this fall with my medium format photography (Holga pictures) and I am creating some sculptures with found objects as part of my exhibit. I am excited to be working on this and I will share pictures as soon as I am a little farther along.

These are a couple of my artists friends from college. One of my favorite thing about art walk is all the great old friends I see!
 At art walk the students at the local university create a screen print on site based on a post card picture from an old building downtown. The prints are so cool!
 Here is one of Scott's sculptures. It is a guitar made out of found objects. The entire show was so cool. Some of them were made my his students! He is so great!!

 Yes, the guitars actually work!

Frustratingly, the local photography studio that develops my holga pictures (for 25 cents each--total bargain!) is closing. I have been buying equipment to start my own darkroom, but that is pretty far in the future. I am excited to get it started but I will probably only be able to process black and white pictures so that may limit my options with the holga photography. Bummer.

I just entered some of my Holga pictures in a contest: HOLGAPALOOZA!! I don't really think I will win....but I am proud of myself for actually entering.

I just finished my first 'summer craft swap.' I am getting ready to mail off 16 sun glass cases. I will share pictures soon!

My family is going through some stuff so I am trying to relax but I am also worried about several situations that have developed. None of them involve me directly, but I am still feeling the stress for my parents and brother.

Oh and I have just a couple more pictures from the art walk to share with you. I took these with my iPhone hipstomatic app. Tacos and a Mexican coke! YUMMMMMM!!

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Maria Ontiveros said...

So glad to see you again. Getting healthier is great, even without weight loss. And way to go on the exhibit.