Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A baby shower....

A few weeks ago I went to a baby shower for my friend Julie. She is due in a couple of months. The shower was so cute! I thought I would share some of my favorite photos from the day with you. Enjoy!

Here is Julie with her twin sister, aren't they so cute! And Jill is below with grandma Edna, so sweet!
The decor was so elegant. I just love the flower arrangements in the punch glasses.
Isn't this a gorgeous salad? I had to pick around the cantaloupe. I hate that stuff, but I wish I liked it....
The most-talked about thing at the shower....these cupcakes with little dirt covered baby feet and grass....YUM!
Happy Monday!

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baby gifts said...

What a beautiful baby shower! What I’ve seen on these photos make me feel hungry, the foods look really yummy. Thanks for sharing photos.