Friday, July 17, 2009

Stuff from Grandma's House

I mentioned in a post earlier this week about going through all of grandma's stuff. When I first got to her house, I went from overwhelmed by the all the stuff, to sentimental about all the sweet keepsakes, and back to being overwhelmed.

Some of the things that were so sweet:
1. Finding my birth announcement.

(and pictures from when I was 2 and 3 days old!)

2. Finding cards written in my mother's handwriting with the words 'baby Nellie'. Doesn't she have beautiful handwriting? I wish I could write like mom!

3. Finding all the postcards I had written to Grandma while I was traveling in college. (See, my handwriting isn't so great!)

4. Getting an elephant from Grandma Pat's extensive collection

5. Getting to pick out ephemera from 20 or more years ago (I got a stack of cards but my favorite thing was picking out a bunch of old stamps from a stamp collection!)

6. Realizing that grandma had saved little notes and pictures I had made for her when I was a little kid.

7. Finding this AWESOME owl lamp amongst all the junk.

I haven't really decided how to preserve everything, but the pictures and the writing from my blog entries will probably be part of an album, or they will at least become part of Project 52.

Thanks for reading!


Lisa Brown said...

Aw, Nellie! Thanks so much for sharing this! Some very special treasures here!

Kelley Eubanks said...

This is some great memories! I keep everything and now I know why!

Penni said...

Wow, what treasures. It's really lovely to see what people keep.

My mum passed away in December and I have some of her bits and bobs - her school books and school reports, old family photos etc they are so important to me now and always will be.


Nunt said...

Nellie, wonderful to see that you are willing to preserve these beautiful and unique memories <3