Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Cameras and other crafty goodness.

I am out of my normal blogging routine!

I am just not in the mood to write as much. I am creating. I got a new camera! Well, two new cameras!! First, I got a new, totally awesome plastic camera for 'lomography' Holga!

She is fantastic. Super fun, takes really neat pictures.

While on a picnic I saw an old man whittling wood and I asked if I could take his picture. The photo was over exposed when I got the film developed, but he was soooo cute. He have me this wood chain he made!

My other new camera is Big Dan. THE NIKON D5000. It is amazing. Wow. (I am not a camera salesperson, but this is a great digital SLR if you are shopping for one!) I am overwhelmed by its digital powers. I am still learning a lot about taking pictures with Big Dan. I named it Big Dan because I already have a smaller point-and-shoot Fujifilm camera named Little Ann and I have been saving for this big, wonderful camera all year. They are my little 'hunting dogs' (If you don't get it, then you haven't read 'Where the Red Fern Grows," one of my childhood faves!)

Okay, I really love the look of old photos. I especially love polaroids. I found a great website that will take any digital picture and turn it into a polaroid (I also found an iphone app that does the same thing!) Anyway, you get a really cute polaroid camera icon on your desktop and you drag a photo onto it and it shoots it out and you can watch it change!! Pretty fun. I took some pictures from Big Dan on our anniversary and 'polarized' them so they would match the old-timey feel of the Holga photos! :-)

Finally, I am going to be writing a post in the near future about family history. It sounds a little boring, but I learned a huge lesson today and I am sure you can all sympathize, and relate!



Sarah said... cool are your pics. I AM shopping for a DSLR camera. My dad wants to treat me. He is a camera fanatic. I think he has the Nikon. You have to tell me all about it.
I spend my evenings Blurfing while my kids and hubby watch TV. I always try to leave comments on my fav blogs...esp the ones who leave comments on mine...insane isn't it!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...such cool pics! I love the look of the 'old timey' photos. Thanks for letting us know about the website...I'm going to have to check it out:)