Saturday, July 4, 2009

Project 52 Update mid-year (sort of!)

I meant to post this in June...but life happens so here it is!

My favorite thing about Project 52 is that I am keeping a weekly journal about the major (and minor) things in my life. I am able to throw in pockets of stuff, pictures, random found objects and my favorite stickers and papers. I am free to make collages of my favorite clothing tags, stickers or anything else I want.

I get to play with paint! I made this using extra paint during summer school. I traced a couple of circles, added lines with a ruler, painted the rays using florescent tempera paint and then I used a black pen to jot down all of my favorite memories from summer school this year.

I can scrapbook in reverse...I know I will have lots of favorite photos from a camping trip, so I made a page with some of my favorite Cosmo Cricket papers....and I will add the photos later!

First week of summer! Awaiting some pictures...I just had to use some Cosmo Cricket paper!

I can add some of my favorite stickers in with my journaling!

The pages don't have to be perfect! As long as they tell the story! This is a (nearly) chronological record of 2009.

I will definitely do Project 52 again! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with all the journaling and scrapbooking, but once I realized that I don't have to write a novel every day and I can get away with collages and pages without pictures, it became much easier. I don't realistically make a page a week, I might make 2-3 one week and then none the next, but it is definitely a fun project!


Leslie said...

What a wonderful project.

Sarah said...


Laurel said...

Wow awesome!

Penny said...

Maybe I'll try this next year. Is this the planner from CTMH???

Kelley Eubanks said...

This book is super cool! Thanks for the idea!

~amy~ said...

Love what you've done...fabulous...hmmm...I should start this even though the year is already more than 1/2 over..

Lisa Brown said...

Great job, Nellie!