Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sometimes I paint...and sometimes I organize!

Hey Everyone!! Sorry it has been so quiet around here!! I am enjoying my vacation!! I have officially had 3 days off and I have been completing projects around the house. Basic chores are mostly caught up like laundry and dishes but its the big ones like cleaning out my drawers, closets and organizing the bathroom that have taken up most of my time.

I found this really great birdcage jewelry stand at the mall, perfect for my earrings!!

Here is one project you might enjoy. I saw this on a blog somewhere, it is not my original idea, but it is something you might enjoy! Basically, this is a shoe organizer that has been filled up with various cords, chargers and other electronic things that don't have a home (like calculators, my iPod and accessories!). I have a small house with very little cabinet/drawer/closet space so something like this is wonderful for keeping things organized.

I created labels in Word and printed them off on cardstock. I used a couple of punches and some eyelets tied on with hemp to create the perfect label tags. I did have to put an eyelet in each of the pockets, but it went really quick with my Crop-a-Dile.

Some things do not need a label so they are just stamped with a cute 1" stamp. I am thinking about putting some pattered paper in each pouch so it looks more decorative, but I haven't quite decided yet.

Finally, I know it isn't a card, but sometimes I paint. I drug out a huge, old canvas from the basement last week. It is left over from college and I have been planning to paint over it for some time. So, Monday night I decided to paint something that I like! Here is my giant owl painting! It is finished an in my living room!!

What should I name him?

Check back later this is my ONE YEAR BlogAversary and I will have some prizes for you to win!! Thanks for reading, as always your comments are welcome and appreciated!!


Sarah said...

Your bird cage earing holder is pretty darn cute!
The cord holder is brilliant...I just showed my hubby and he loves the idea...we have drawers full of that stuff..
Your Owl picture...well....WOW I wish I could paint as well as you!
It's just gorgeous.
Call him Ollie the Owl LOL
Thanks for sharing!

Christina the Sassy Scrapper :) said...

You are one mighty talented lady!! Great job on getting organized!!!

Lisa Brown said...

Wow...such an awesome post! Love your owl...he's awesome!!--looks like a Winston to me.
That bird cage is so cute and I love your organization! TFS!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Wow.. you are very talented!! This is great!

~amy~ said...

okay, that earring holder is just tooo fun and OMGoodness...what a magnificent painting...I love owlies!!!!