Monday, October 15, 2012

The Crawlers.

The Crawlers are a group of bike-riding, beer drinking, pipe smoking hipsters in Joplin.  Show up downtown on Wednesday evenings on your two-wheeler, and the group 'crawls' around local businesses making 2 or 3 stops. Sometimes the group is 8-10, but it has been growing....I rode with the group just last week and we had around 20 people. The week before was a sponsored ride, local businesses provided a few free appetizers or drink specials and there was a give-away at the end of the night....usually a bike is given away along with t-shirts, free coupons for hair cuts and pint glasses. At the sponsored ride, there were over 40 people riding. It was like a flash mob. Every bike took to the streets unison, one big mass of spokes and skinny jeans. It is always exciting to ride with the crawlers, even if we are only riding a few blocks. The goal is to raise awareness in an effort to remind people to share the road with bikers. My goal is to make new friends, and get a little bit of exercise, and ride my bike before the tires go flat from lack of use while it sits in the garage. 

And ring my bell.

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