Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Littlest Owl

This week, the book fair is set up at our school. The kids have been super excited to go shopping for books. They each got to fill out a wish list and bring money and buy (somewhat over-priced) Scholastic books, posters and school supplies.

We have a family in our school with lots of kids. Several of them walk to school each morning and stretch from Kindergarten to 4th grade, the youngest brother is still in preschool. They eat free lunch and breakfast, they get free food from our district backpack program. This is not a family with a lot of money. Especially not for things like book fairs.

Today, I went to visit my mailbox and inside there was a little owl eraser with a note. My principal had written, "Charity wanted you to have this." When I realized who the little eraser was from, my heart completely melted.

The youngest girl of the family is in 1st grade. She had only a handful of pennies to spend at the book fair. She spent her only fifty cents to buy me an owl eraser.  I cannot even think about this sweet gesture without crying. Today, I am going to buy her any book she wants from the book fair.


Trista Nelson said...

Oh my, that is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard!!!

Ian Coday said...

Life's bittersweet moments. I'm sure that little owl will be a beacon of meaning for years to come.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing, children are so sweet, we sometimes forget about the little things they do. Thank you for sharing this, it brought tears to my eyes. --Jana B.

twinjulie said...

Oh my! What a sweet heart this little girl must have. And what an impact you must have made on her! I would say you need her and she needs you :). Thanks for sharing!

twinjulie said...

Oh Nellie! What a great story and such a sweet gesture! Sounds like you need her and she needs you! Obviously, she has made an impact on your heart and I can't even begin to imagine the impact you have made on her!

Okay, now the tears are flowing. Thanks for sharing!

Rosie S. said...

That made me cry! What a big heart she has! And what a wonderful person you must be to her! What a blessing.