Friday, September 21, 2012


Gah! Has it really been almost a month since I posted anything?!

My school work has been consuming every single day. Most days I get to school between 6:50-7:05. Sometimes I have a bus duty that starts at 7:05 and some days I have breakfast duty at 7:30 so if I can get there a half hour early, it really helps me--I have lots to set up and clean and organize and the extra time in the morning helps. A bunch of teachers have started working out with some short DVDs after school. This is so nice because I can get my workout done by 4:00! But that also means I am not working in my room from 3-4 like I did last year. I need to get motivated to stay and work in my room after working out, otherwise I will never feel caught up.

This year, I have really cut back my involvement in extracurriculars. Aside from a few social things here and there, I am not responsible for teaching or organizing lots of extra things. I feel so much less stressed and overwhelmed because I actually have more free time. Actually, I look back at all the  things I used to do and I wonder how I did not have more melt downs!

One of the main reasons I haven't been blogging is because my D5000 was stolen a few weeks ago. I am so mad at myself and the jerk who took it. I have been too depressed to blog--even though I've got plenty of iphone photos I could share.

My camera was stolen very late at night on Labor Day. The week that followed was one of the worst weeks I can remember. Nothing was going right that week. You can see my shoes that got destroyed by a black paint spill on Wednesday.

And I was trying to prepare a screen for a cool screen print and I just couldn't get the emulsion to work--even after 5 tries. On Friday, I was super excited for my Nelliepalooza retreat--but freakishly on my way I was caught in a scary storm. With high winds over 80 MPH, I had to pull over behind someone's house and then I had to use my best stunt car driving skills to dodge downed power lines and trees in the road. I even drove through the ditch to get to the campground.

When I arrived, the power was out! It stayed out all night, which meant that we were 'crafting' in the dark. The camp's water pump runs on electricity so I was worried we would have to cancel. Everyone was so nice---even though it was a very bad end to a very bad week. Saturday, the sun came up, the power was back on and it the horrible awful, no good week was over.


Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

Sympathies, sometimes you just have to get through days (weeks) like that, knowing that it WILL end! I bet you appreciated the sunshine on Saturday :)

coralvssalmon said...

Oh, Nellie! I am sorry to hear of your week of doo and gloom. Some weeks you really have to fight ** for your right ** to maaaaake art. I'm most disturbed about your camera. That really fries my beans that someone would lift something so expensive but more importantly, something so sentimental.

All I know is, artists are like post carriers in that neither storms, nor thievery, nor lack of light will keep them from doing what they love. Don't be too hard on yourself. You do a lot. Next week will be better. I am sure of it.

Pat said...

Your positivity in the face of all of those unpleasant occurences is a testament to your strength of character. Stay happy!