Sunday, September 4, 2011

Twist and Shout Art Auction in Kansas City

One of my favorite things about Kansas City is the first Friday artwalk in the crossroads district. This year I haven't been to a single art walk in Kansas City-- GASP!!

I was incredibly excited to head up to the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center for their Project Reclamation Twist and Shout art auction. A big group of Joplin people made the trip up to Kansas City for the auction, which raised over $22,000 for the arts in Joplin.

Over 120 artworks were on display for the one-night show. The place was packed with people hoping to taking home one of the works, created using debris from the Joplin Tornado. Several of my favorite art people opened up their tornado ravaged home so that the artists could use stuff plucked from the rubble to create original artwork. 

 Two of my favorite people!!
 Each family or person who opened up their home to the artists had a large photo on display, and their story shared beside the photo. This is Sam Lewis, he is an art teacher friend of mine.

The artists did some pretty amazing things with the damaged goods they found.

I really wanted this big 'everything's fine' was hot pink, with gold glitter...I thought it would be perfect in my classroom. I bid on it, but didn't win. 

The entire night was amazing. I have never been to an art auction before.

I tried to bet on this beautiful 'globe angel' created using half of a globe found in my friend Meg's home...but when it got up over $800, I knew I could never afford it!

To read more about the Twist and Shout Auction, and the Project Reclamation experience, or to see more photos, click here.

Love you Meg!!

After the auction, we went to the Wunderbar.....a very YUMMY German restaurant!
And then we stopped in to a very eclectic artist's studio.

Here are a few Instax wide images from the night.

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