Sunday, September 4, 2011

Art Gallery + Kaleidoscope

A few weeks ago I went up to Kansas City for an art auction. Before leaving town, we stopped into the Kemper Art Gallery. This is one of my favorite places in Kansas City.

In one of the galleries, enormous Jules Olitski paintings filled the walls. If you have never seen a Jules Olitski painting in real life, it is hard to describe how the large Color Field paintings can make you feel when you are standing in front of them.

I wasn't allowed to take photos in the exhibit...but I did have a bit of fun with a cheap wood and plastic kaleidoscope lens. It sort of took the viewing experience to a whole other level....

Here is a photo of the exhibit program through my iPhone lense+Kaleidoscope lens. If you can imagine looking a room full of floor to ceiling paintings through this lens, this is sort of what it was like...only better.... was amazing.

Here is the kaleidoscope I am referring to....picked it up at a little toy shop in Eureka Springs for a couple of bucks.

Since we couldn't take pictures inside the gallery with it...we took it outside and put it up to the iphone camera to take a few shots of the famous Louise Bourgeois Spiders.

Here are a few more shots from my iPhone of the Spiders.

The kaleidoscope is a really fun iphone 'attachment'!!

And just for fun...I saw the picture below a few weeks ago on a blog and it made me smile...using the kaleidoscope made me think of it!

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