Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sweet Special Granny

My great-granny Opal passed away this week.

I spent Tuesday evening with 20 family members, surrounding the hospital bed of my great-grandma after she suffered a stroke. We left the hospital late that night with some hope that she would wake up, but it was just her time.

Grandma Opal was 90, almost 91. 
She was the sweetest, most special grandma, with a sharp mind....her hearing and vision were mostly gone, but she had so many poignant memories.  She could recall things I said and did as a kid, down to the littlest details...and it was the same for all of her great-grandkids, and grandkids.
I think my dad was her favorite...but we all felt like her favorite. 
She could see the good in everyone. 
I sat on grandma's front porch with my dad,  his arm around me. Tearfully he explained, 'Everyone loved grandma Opal. When she worked at that corner store, she could talk to anyone and make them feel better. People right off the street would walk in and keep coming back because she was so loveable. She made friends with strangers and there was a time when everyone in town knew her. Nellie, you have part of grandma in you. Not very many people in this world can say that. But we were so lucky to have such a special grandma in our lives. She had so much love for everyone and you have that inside you. Never forget that.'

The thing I will always remember about my Grandma is that no matter what, she would always remark on how good I look, 'have you lost weight?' she would ask. 'You look thin,' she would say in a flattering tone.

She always made it a point to tell me how proud she was of me.  
She was always my biggest fan and greatest supporter. 
 The date on this photo is is from 2001.
Grandma Opal hated having her picture taken. If someone took out a camera, she would leave the room. There are few photos of her where she is looking at the camera or isn't hidden behind sunglasses. 

I love you granny!!

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Daydream Believer said...

I'm so sorry about your granny. :-(