Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow day thoughts...and a stop-motion film.

Snow days are like a gift.

A gift of time.

The weather forces us to do things we wouldn't normally do without 16" of snow on the ground. 

We are forced to stop everything, cancel our busy week and just stay home.  We are forced to stare out the window. We are forced to find things to do inside.

A gift of energy.

We are forced to rest, sleep, relax.

To some people this type of isolation is hell. (I know because they've made numerous status updates saying so) But I am trying to embrace every second of this gift. A routine is a will be here next week....I love being forced to stop. I love it that I am motivated to create things I wouldn't normally have the time or energy to do.

I have had 4 days off this week and I have tried to keep busy every minute. I can't really leave--the snow is up to my I am hanging out around the house.

Cooking, cleaning, organizing, painting my nails.....

..making felt garland...
...updating my inspiration boards...
....doing my makeup, changing the sheets on my bed, skyping with friends, taking snow-walks at dawn to capture the early morning sunrise glittering on the snow at dawn.

 ....trying to stay off facebook.....

To constantly update your status or post on Facebook during a snowstorm. Normally, because your stuck inside and bored out of your mind.
Also can be used to describe Facebook users who constantly discuss, complain, or post pictures about a snow storm.
Sarah must be snowed in and bored, because she's been snowbooking since the storm started.
The roads haven't been plowed so everyone's snowbooking

I haven't been able to sleep much, I have been waking up really early actually....

Here is a little stop motion film I made with some of my cute little ceramic figurines.

I have another idea for a short film (See Tuesday's Snow Day movie here)....I'm going to make it later soon as the sun comes up...maybe I'll make a Vlog too?

Anyway, what have you been doing with all of your 'snow day time?'

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Rachel said...

Love your film--it's ridiculously adorable! :)